A pediatric dental appointment typically includes a dental cleaning and, if we need to repair a cavity, a dental filling. However, sometimes the dental decay is so advanced in a primary tooth that the only way to restore it is a baby tooth crown.

What Are Baby Tooth Crowns?

Baby tooth crowns, also known as pediatric dental crowns, are a restorative treatment used to repair a tooth that has excessive dental decay. Much like adult dental crowns, baby tooth crowns “cap” the healthy parts of the tooth, creating a new chewing surface and sealing the tooth against bacteria and food debris. Pediatric crowns can be made from different materials, such as amalgam (silver) or porcelain (white) crowns.

When Are They Used?

This pediatric restorative treatment is often recommended as a last resort to save a primary tooth. While the common belief is that the baby tooth will simply fall out once the permanent teeth erupt, losing a primary tooth too soon can cause other dental complications, such as misaligned teeth or impaction. Our dentist may recommend pediatric dental crowns to help prevent the need for unnecessary oral corrections in the future, which can save you time and lower the cost of potential orthodontic or restorative treatments.

As always, our dental office is delighted to serve the children in our community. If your child needs a baby tooth crown, please call us and schedule an appointment.