Digital X-rays are one of the advanced technologies we use in our office! This type of X-ray gives us detailed digital images of your teeth, gums, jawbone and surrounding oral structures. The images instantly appear on a nearby computer screen to be reviewed by our dentist. These X-rays give our dentist and team the information they need to provide our patients with accurate diagnoses for their oral health. This type of X-ray is also safer and uses 90% less radiation that traditional film X-rays.

Digital X-rays can reveal things like:

Identifying these abnormalities early on can save patients time and money and reduce their discomfort. For these reasons we recommend that our patients receive X-rays every 12 to 18 months or when they feel pain or discomfort in any area of their mouth. This way we can identify any problems in the early stages to stop any damage from progressing further.

If you have any questions about digital X-rays or how we use them in our office, we invite you to contact us or stop by anytime. Our friendly team loves educating our patients on the treatments we offer and how oral health care can benefit them.